Friday, December 27, 2013

Woman Hypnotizes Priest,Takes Church Cash; Steals $2,736 in Cloister Area of Italian Church

A woman -- about 35 years old -- stole a Padua, Italy church's Christmas offerings after hypnotizing a 71-year-old priest, the UPI (United Press International) website reports today (December 27, 2013).

The woman -- described as a Roma, or gypsy -- made off with 1,800 euros ($2,736) collected by Padua's Santa Giustina abbey during the Christmas period.

The Italian news agency ANSA reported that she entered the cloister area of the church, where the presence of women is strictly forbidden.

The priest learned of the theft and alerted police after he came out of the hypnosis-induced trance, ANSA said.

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