Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mass. Teachers at Cath. Academy Terminated; Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy Violates Contract

Former Lawrence (Massachusetts) Catholic Academy (LCA) teachers Sean Houlihan and Natalie Ferland were terminated after revealing their relationship and an out-of-wedlock pregnancy to school administrators, the UPI (United Press International) website reports today (December 10, 2013).

Houlihan, 34, and Ferland, 26, were let go from LCA on the Monday before Thanksgiving for violating their contracts.

In their termination letters, school principal Jorge Hernandez wrote that the teachers were fired "for good cause in accordance with the terms of the Lay Teacher Agreement you signed for this academic year."

He added, "Based on your disclosures to me during our meeting on November 20, 2013, it was determined you were in violation of the terms of your contract."

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