Monday, December 30, 2013

Bullets Rake Athens Home of German Ambass.; Police: It's Work of Leftists Opposing Austerity

A terror investigation is underway in Greece after the German ambassador's residence in Athens was shot at in the early hours of the morning today (December 30, 2013), the Euro News website reports.

Dozens of rounds from a Kalashnikov assault rifle were fired at the building, hitting the walls and steel gates at the entrance.

No one was hurt and little damage was done, but the attack came amid anti-German sentiment during Greece's prolonged economic crisis.

Berlin is blamed by many Greeks for the devastating austerity measures imposed on Greece as part of the all-but-bankrupt country's EU (European Union) bailouts. Germany is the biggest single contributing nation to those bailouts, and some of its austerity requirements have resulted in a plethora of Greeks losing their jobs.

Police believe the shooting -- which occurred at 3:40 a.m. -- was the work of leftists. No one has claimed responsibility.

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