Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saudi Arabian Police Scold Woman for Driving Car; Force Her to Sign a Pledge Not to Drive in Nation

Saudi police today (December 28, 2013) pulled over a woman just minutes after she got behind the wheel in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, after activists called for a new challenge to a driving ban of women in Saudi Arabia, according to the Raw Story website.

"Only 10 minutes after Tamador al-Yami got behind the wheel police stopped her," activist Eman al-Nafjan said, adding that Yami carries an international driving license and was with another woman who was filming her in the car.

Tamador's husband was called to the scene and she was forced to sign a pledge not to drive again without a Saudi license. Women are not allowed into driving schools in the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom and are not granted licenses.

In addition to not being allowed to drive, Saudi women must cover themselves from head to toe when they are out in public. They also need the permission of a male guardian in order to travel, work, and marry.

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