Saturday, December 21, 2013

Switz. to Vote on a Basic Income for Its Residents; All Swiss to Receive Income If Referendum Passes

Switzerland -- one of the richest countries in the world -- will soon vote on a referendum that would provide a basic income for all persons legally residing in that nation whether they are working or not, the Spero News website reports today (December 21, 2013).

A universal basic income was once proposed by St. Thomas More -- the British philosopher and author of "Utopia" -- who was beheaded by England's Henry VIII in 1535.

Swiss leftists consider a universal basic income as an act of justice, while the right sees in it the possibility of eliminating social welfare schemes entirely.

In order to propose a national referendum in Switzerland, only 100,000 signatures are required to put it to a vote. A vote is then taken, and if the referendum is passed, it must be put into effect.

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