Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pat Robertson Warns a Viewer on Lesbian Friend; Advises "You Don't Want Your Kids to Be Lesbians"

Televangelist Pat Robertson warned a viewer today (December 12, 2013) that she should be careful when allowing lesbian friends into her home, because "you don't want your children to grow up as lesbians," the Raw Story website reports.

A viewer named Catherine told the TV preacher that she had recently reconnected with a childhood friend, who was a lesbian. She invited the friend to meet her children but became concerned when she asked to bring her same-sex partner.

"I don't want her to think that I'm okay with her ways," the viewer explained. "And I don't feel comfortable having her around my children."

Robertson advised the woman not to "shun" her friend, "but at the same time, you don't want your children to grow up as lesbians." He added, "You don't want to show them that that's an acceptable lifestyle for your family."

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