Monday, January 30, 2017

Pope: Lay People Should Go Out and Evangelize; "Don't Be Locked at Home, Get Eaten by Moths"

Pope Francis has called on lay people to go outside of themselves and take risks in evangelizing, rather than staying stuffed up at home while the moths move in, the Catholic News website reports today (January 30, 2017).

"Sometimes I think the best business we can do with many Christians is to sell them mothballs so that they put them in their clothes and in their lives and aren't eaten by moths," the Pope said in an interview with Mexican journalist Noel Diaz.

Francis told Diaz that many times Christians "are locked up and they are going to get eaten by moths."

"They have to go out; they have to go and bring the message of Jesus" to others, he said, explaining that the Good News is meant to be shared, not stored away.

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