Sunday, January 15, 2017

Iraqi Forces Take Control of Mosul Univ.from IS; Gain Tigris River Area in Drive to Take Mosul;

Iraqi special forces drove back Islamic State (IS) militants in the Mosul University campus today (January 14, 2017), while elite police units took over large areas along the east bank of the Tigris River, according to the Reuters website.

Iraqi forces have made rapid advances since the new year, as part of a three-month, U.S.-backed offensive.

For the radical Islamic State, losing Mosul -- Iraq's second largest city -- would probably mean the end of the Iraqi side of its self-styled caliphate, which it declared in 2014.

The Iraqi military plans to begin attacks on western Mosul -- which the IS still fully controls -- once it has captured the entire eastern bank of the Tigris River.

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