Saturday, May 21, 2022

Okla. Passes the Strongest Pro-Life Law in U.S.; Bans Abortion from Moment Sperm Reaches Egg

 Nearly all abortions will now be illegal in Oklahoma, under a bill passed by the Oklahoma Legislature on May 18, the New American website reports today (May 21, 2022).

Called the most restrictive abortion ban of any state, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is expected to quickly sign the bill, as he has signed every pro-life bill that has come to him since his election in 2018.

Oklahoma's law, after it is signed by the governor, bans abortion from the moment of fertilization -- the moment when the sperm unites with the egg.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Bono and the Pope Harmonize on Climate Change; Pope:Women Wiser on Climate Change Than Men

 U2 frontman Bono and Pope Francis were in harmony about their concern for the planet and the power of women when they met yesterday in Rome, the Reuters website reports today (May 20, 2022).

Bono, 62, and the 85-year-old pope shared star billing at an event organized by Scholas Occurrentes, a worldwide network of schools that promotes virtual and in-person encounters and aims to boost educational opportunities.

"Women know more about harmony than men," said the pope, when asked by Bono if women play the same role as men in tackling the climate crisis. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

US May Be Heading toward Recession Next Year; COVID Pandemic, War in Ukraine Back the Belief

 The U.S. economy could be heading for a recession in the next year, according to growing warnings from banks and economists, as a sudden bout of pessimism  hammers financial markets, the Washington Post website reports today (May 19, 2022).

Although major swaths of the economy  -- including the job market and consumer spending -- remain robust, there are mounting worries that rising borrowing costs for consumers and businesses , after years of near-zero interest rates, could cause a sudden retrenchment.

Continued uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine are adding to the uneasiness.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Biden Uses Defense Production Act for Baby Milk; Parents Drive Miles Searching for Baby Formula

 President Biden today (May 18,2022) invoked the Defense Production Act to address a nationwide shortage in baby formula, marking a major attempt to ramp up domestic production rapidly as parents are scrambling and store shelves are running empty, according to the Washington Post website. 

The White House said the directive requires the suppliers of key formula ingredients to prioritize the delivery of those resources to formula manufacturers, adding that  it would simultaneously launch a new operation to ensure faster flights of imports using Defense Department air cargo contacts.

The two moves reflected the magnitude of the shortage, which has some parents driving for miles on end to locate formula, including specialty products that are critical to infants' health.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Deaths on US Roads at Highest Level Since 2005; Also Largest Annual % Increase Ever Recorded

 Road deaths soared more than 10 percent last year compared to a year earlier, reaching 42,915, according to estimates released today (May 17, 2022) by federal transportation officials, the Washington Post website reports.

It was the highest number of fatalities nationwide since 2005.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reported that it was the largest annual percentage increase in the history of its Fatality Analysis Reporting System which began in 1975.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Sweden in Big Shift Decides It Will Join NATO; Prompted by Russia's Savage Invasion of Ukraine

 Sweden today (May16, 2022) decided to join neighboring Finland in seeking NATO membership, ending more than two centuries of military nonalignment in a  historic shift prompted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according  to the AP website. 

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson warned that the Nordic country would be in a "vulnerable position" during the application period and urged her fellow citizens to brace themselves for a Russian response. 

"Russia has said that it will take countermeasures if we join NATO," she stated. 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

UK Intel:Russia Lost Third of Ukraine Forces; Won't Raise Rate of Advance in Next 30 Days

The British military intelligence said today (May 15, 2022) that Russia has probably lost around a third of the ground forces it deployed to Ukraine and its offensive in the Donbas region  "has lost momentum and fallen significantly behind schedule," according to the Newsmax website. 

"Russia has likely suffered losses of one-third of the ground combat forces it committed in February."

It said Russia was unlikely to accelerate its rate of advance over the next 30 days,