Thursday, January 12, 2017

IS Using Small Drones on Iraqi Troops in Mosul; Drones Firing Small Bombs, Grenades on Iraqis

A U.S. Army commander in Iraq revealed today (January 12, 2017) that Islamic State (IS) fighters in Mosul -- Iraq's second largest city and IS's last stronghold in the nation -- are using drones (non-piloted aircraft) to drop small bombs onto Iraqi troops and civilians, according to the Military Times website.

Col. Brett Sylvia leads some 1,700 soldiers who make up Task Force Strike, which is advising Iraqi troops and other security forces who have been fighting to retake Mosul from the IS terror group since early November.

As Iraqi security forces have moved into Mosul, they have been attacked by commercially purchased drones dropping small munitions "akin to a small, little grenade," Sylvia said.

He added that Iraqi security forces have retaken most of eastern Mosul, but they face a tough fight in the western part of the city, where IS is well dug in.

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