Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pope Says Darkness Sometimes Clouds His Faith; Slams "Parrots" Who Back Church, Not Its Values

Pope Francis admitted today (January 15, 2017) to sometimes having "darkness" cloud his own faith, while warning against "Christian parrots" who pay lip service to the church but fail to act on its values, according to the AFP (Agence France-Presse) website.

"At certain times, I have also encountered moments of darkness in my faith and the faith decreased a lot, but with a little bit of time we rediscover it," the Pontiff told parishioners after saying mass in the village of Guidonia near Rome.

Francis also urged believers to spend more time talking to their family. "If I say I'm Catholic... but then I don't talk to my parents, I don't help my grandparents, the poor, I don't visit the sick, then there's no point," said Francis.

He added, "In that way, we're nothing but a Christian parrot: words, words, words."

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