Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Russia Celebrates 72nd Anniv.of Defeating Nazis; Putin: No Force Can or Will Ever Conquer Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin -- in a Victory Day speech in Moscow today (May 9, 2017) commemorating the defeat of Germany in World War II -- said no force could conquer Russia and called on nations to cooperate with Russia in fighting terrorism, according to the UPI website.

His address in Red Square came as Russia celebrated the 72nd anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

"The Soviet Union faced the most powerful assaults by the Nazis, but there is no force, and there will be no force, that could conquer our people," Putin said. He also called on nations of the world to cooperate with Russia to defeat the radical Islamic terrorism that is now pervading society.

Victory Day honors Russians on the battlefield and on the home front who sacrificed for the war effort. Some 27 million Russian soldiers and civilians were killed in World War II, as Nazi troops tried to conquer Russia. The defeat of the Nazis is still viewed with immense national pride.

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