Thursday, May 4, 2017

Exclusive:Refugees Plummet in US under Trump; He Aims to Thwart Them to Avoid Terror Attacks

The USA Today website reports exclusively today (May 4, 2017) that its research shows the number of refugees arriving in the U.S. has dropped sharply in 2017 because of President Trump's threats to bar their entry, even though his order for a total 120-day ban has been rejected twice by federal courts.

The U.S. accepted 2,070 refugees in March, the lowest monthly total since 2013, according to State Department data. April ended with 3,316 refugees admitted, the second-lowest total since 2013. Trump is determined to block as many refugees as he can, fearing that terrorists may pretend to be refugees, and cause deadly terror attacks after they arrive in the U.S., as they did in France and other countries.

"The statements from this administration about refugees are shocking to me," said Kay Bellor of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which resettled 13,000 refugees in 26 states in 2016. "It is language I've never heard used with refugees, who have always enjoyed bipartisan support because they're the best part of what the U.S. does."

Refugees can be described as a special class of migrants who seek asylum because war, persecution, or natural disasters have forced them to flee their home countries. Worldwide, there are more refugees than at any time since World War II as a result of so many regional conflicts currently occurring, according to the United Nations.

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