Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pope Francis Causes Discord on Flight to Bolivia; Due to Consuming Coca Leaves Used in Cocaine

Pope Francis arrived in La Paz, Bolivia today (July 8, 2015), continuing a Latin American tour filled with supporters, sermons, selfies, and a touch of controversy -- by chewing on coca leaves, the primary substance of cocaine -- the Yahoo News website reports.

While the pope will be in Bolivia until July 10, he was only scheduled to be in La Paz -- Bolivia's capital -- for a few hours. The decision was made because of the city's high altitude. Pope Francis only has one lung, a result of a lung infection suffered as a teenager.

On his flight from Ecuador to Bolivia today, Pope Francis drank tea containing coca leaves -- a popular remedy for curing altitude sickness -- and also the primary substance used to make cocaine, which is legal in Bolivia.

Bolivia is the second stop on the pope's three-country swing through Latin America. He arrived in Ecuador on July 5 and heads to Paraguay on July 10.

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