Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ga. Man Gets 15 Years for Attempting to Help IS; Judge Unmoved by Islam "Brainwashed Me" Rant

A Georgia man was given the maximum sentence yesterday for attempting to provide material support to Islamic State (IS) after a judge was not persuaded by his tearful plea, the Daily Caller website reports today (July 29, 2015).

Leon Nathan Davis, 37, of Augusta, Georgia, pleaded guilty in May. He tearfully told the judge "I am an American" at his sentencing hearing yesterday before being given 15 years in federal prison, after which he will spend the rest of his life under supervised release.

Authorities had been monitoring Davis for more than a year before arresting him in Atlanta as he was about to leave on a plane for Turkey.

Davis told the the judge: "I allowed myself to stray away from the truth of my [Islam] religion, which is peace, love, and humility." He added: "They brainwashed me into thinking that hatred and death were the way into heaven."

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