Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Evidence Reveals Turkey Collaborated with ISIS; Direct Deals between Turkey and IS "Undeniable"

Damning evidence was found when U.S. special forces killed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader Abu Sayyaf in May, revealing that NATO member Turkey has in fact been collaborating with the brutal jihadists, the Free Republic website reports today (July 28, 2015).

The British Guardian reported on July 26 that when Abu Sayyaf's compound was raided in eastern Syria, it was discovered that Turkey is the main buyer of smuggled ISIS oil which was managed by Abu Sayyaf to economically prop up the terror group.

The report quoted a senior Western official, who said that the findings at the compound showed direct deals between Turkish officials and ISIS leaders, and called them "undeniable."

It was just last week -- after an IS suicide bomber killed 30 people in the Turkish city of Suruc on July 20 --  that Turkish jets bombed IS forces in neighboring Syria for the first time, and Turkey allowed the U.S. to use its land to conduct airstrikes against IS forces in Syria and Iraq.

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