Sunday, July 19, 2015

Over 500 French Jews Arrive in Israel This Week; Soaring French Anti-Semitism Induces 3K to Exit

Due mainly to a soaring anti-Semitic climate in France during the past year or so, some 130 French Jews arrived in Israel today (July 19, 2015), with an additional 400 expected by week's end, in the first leg of a summer aliyah that's expected to bring up to 3,000 new immigrants from France by the end of summer, the Christian Broadcast Network website reports.

Summer is an ideal time for families with school-age children to make aliyah; that is, to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return, which says if you have one Jewish grandparent, you're eligible for Israeli citizenship.

Last year, more Jews from France immigrated to Israel than from any other country, due primarily to a significant increase in French anti-Semitism.

Israeli Absorption Minister Ze'ev Elkin welcomed the new immigrants "with open arms." He said, "Every plane that arrives in Israel strengthens Israel and strengthens the French Jews who have come home."

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