Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Greek Lawmakers OK Tough Austerity Reforms; Vote 229 to 64 for 86B Euro Bailout Over 3 Years

Greece's parliament today (July 15, 2015) approved tough new austerity reforms by a large majority, the Euro News website reports.

The result was 229 votes to 64 in the 300-seat chamber. There were six abstentions and one absentee.

The passing of the bill was set as a condition by Brussels for an 86 billion euro bailout over the next three years.

The vote came after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras -- who had been facing a revolt by his own Syriza party -- made an emotional speech to get them on board. Even though he had declared his dislike for the terms agreed with Greece's creditors, Tsipras said he had done his best for the country.

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