Friday, July 31, 2015

Jewish Radicals' Arson Kills Palestinian Toddler; Thugs Threw Firebombs into West Bank Homes

Suspected Jewish radicals carried out an arson attack that killed a Palestinian toddler in the occupied West Bank today (July 31, 2015), according to the Forward website.

Masked perpetrators entered the village of Duma, outside Nablus, and broke the windows of two Palestinian homes, sprayed Hebrew graffiti, and threw firebombs that ignited the homes.

An 18-month-old child was killed and three of his relatives have been hospitalized in Israel with severe burns.

Ibrahim Dawabsheh, a Duma resident, said he heard people shouting for help from the house and rushed to it. "I saw two masked men outside," he said. He went to get help, but when he returned the masked men had gone.

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