Sunday, September 7, 2014

Messianic Jews Arrested for Abusing Women; Forced Them to Have Sex to "Save Israel"

Israeli police in Jerusalem say they have uncovered a messianic Jewish sect that prostituted women to "save Israel," the AP website reports today (September 7, 2014).

In a statement today, police said officers arrested four people on suspicion of coercing women into having sex with non-Jews and exploited them sexually by making them addicted to drugs and alcohol. The reasoning behind the plot was "to save the people of Israel and bring redemption nearer."

The four suspects -- two men and two women -- were part of a messianic sect.

A four-month-long investigation revealed the four were brainwashing the women into believing they were helping the Jewish people by having sex with non-Jews, while pocketing the money earned from the women for themselves.


  1. Either this is not a true Messianic Jewish group or this is a frame job. Messianic Jews in Jerusalem and Israel try to stay well within the laws of the nation. My bologna detector is blaring.

    1. Personally, I believe that these four "Messianic Jews" were not Messianic Jews at all, but rather low-class dishonest Israelis whose scam was to have a good excuse to turn these innocent women into prostitutes, in order to obtain the money they made for themselves.