Monday, September 22, 2014

Pat Robertson Rips Viewer Wanting Church Taxes; Says What Belongs to God Is What Belongs to God

Televangelist Pat Robertson today (September 22, 2014) accused a viewer of having a "liberal mentality" because she suggested that tax-exempt status was essentially a government handout to churches, the Raw Story website reports.

"Whose church are we?" the viewer named Wendy asked in an email to Robertson. "Are we God's church or the world's? Jesus said, 'Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's.' Taxes."

Robertson seemed outraged that the question had been asked. "I don't know what handout you're talking about. We don't take a handout from the government," he quipped. "Not paying taxes, it's your money. The fact the government doesn't take it away from you is not a government handout, and time immemorial, what belongs to God is what belongs to God!"

The TV preacher continued, "That money in the church is given by people to the Lord. It doesn't belong to the government."

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