Sunday, September 14, 2014

Israeli Troops Will No Longer Spy on Palestinians; Say Some Things They're Asked to Do Are Immoral

Forty-three Israeli soldiers of a selective intelligence unit have written an open letter to their superiors refusing to take part in any further action against Palestinians because of what they see as past abuses, the Newser website reports today (September 14, 2014).

For instance, they say Unit 8200 would gather information about an individual's sex life and use it to blackmail the person into becoming an informer for Israel.

"The notion of rights for Palestinians does not exist at all, not even as an idea to be disregarded," says one of the 43.

"There are certain things that we were asked to do that we feel do not deserve the title of self-defense," one sergeant-major said. "Some of the things that we did are immoral, and are against the things we believe in, and we're not willing to do these things any more."

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