Saturday, September 6, 2014

Northeastern U. Computer Tech Grad Assists ISIS; Ahmad Abousamra Is on FBI's Most Wanted List

An American is believed to have joined the radical Islamic militant group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), and using expertise he acquired with a degree in computer technology from Northeastern University in Boston to advance the goal of a global caliphate, the Creeping Sharia website reports today (September 6, 2014).

Ahmad Abousamra, 33, is suspected by the FBI of being the current social media manager of ISIS, and is on the FBI's Most Wanted List. The U.S. government is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Abousamra -- who grew up in Stoughton, Massachusetts -- comes from a privileged Syrian background, and is likely to be highly intelligent. His father is an endocrinologist at Massachusetts General Hospital -- one of the very top medical facilities in the world -- while Abousamra made the Dean's List at Northeastern, which has more students on work-study programs than any other university in the United States. Moreover, Northeastern receives more applications for freshman admissions than any school in the nation.

The kind of rejection Abousamra had for America -- the country that took in his Syrian immigrant family and provided him with a stellar college experience -- is very troubling and difficult for Americans to understand. After Abousamra was questioned by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in 2006, he fled the United States for Syria. He was charged with terrorism-related offenses in 2009, and in 2013 the FBI added him to its Most Wanted Terrorists list.

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