Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hindus Persecute Millions of Indian Christians; Radical Hindus Now Eliminate Christians in India

International Christian Concern (ICC) -- a watchdog group -- has warned that a Hindu nationalist group called Sangh Parivar is inflicting suffering and looking to cleanse the minority population in India, much like terror group ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria, the WWRN (World Wide Religion News) website reports today (September 9, 2014).

ICC said in a press release that the nationalist group and its associate organizations have been directing hate speech toward Christians and leading attacks on pastors and churches in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

John Dayal -- a member of the Indian government's National Integration Council -- said: "There has been a sharp rise in hate campaigns against Christians by political organizations. This threat of purging Christians from villages extends from Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh to now Uttar Pradesh, and to the borders of the national capital of New Delhi."

There have also been reports of churches being turned into Hindu temples, and entire mobs attacking Christian houses. "Like Christians facing ISIS in Iraq, millions of Christians across India are facing persecution at the hands of radical Hindu nationalist groups," the watchdog group added.

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