Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saudi Women Plan to Drive Sat. Despite Their Ban; Authorities Say Women Driving Will Be Punished

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has contacted organizers of a campaign to end the ban on women driving and told them they will be punished if they go ahead with their plan to defy the male-only road rules, the Reuters website reports today.

The women organizing the campaign have been posting online footage of themselves driving in Saudi cities, and have called on Saudi women with foreign driving licenses to get behind the wheel this Saturday, October 26.

Saudi Arabia -- the only country in the world that bans women from driving motor vehicles -- often earns bad international publicity over the issue, but any change in the effective ban on women driving might ignite the wrath of religious hardliners in the world's most conservative Islamic nation.

In addition to banning women from driving, Saudi Arabia requires women to wear a full veil outfit in public, and allows them to leave their homes and to work only if they have permission to do so from their husbands, or other male family member if they are not married.

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