Thursday, October 10, 2013

Penn. School Cancels Halloween Fun to Avoid Rel.; Parents Protest, Decision Reversed Like a Phantom

The Inglewood Elementary School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, issued a letter to parents on October 8, telling them that Halloween festivities were canceled in order to comply with a Supreme Court edict that public schools not promote any religion, the Huffington Post website reports today (October 10, 2013).

"Some holidays observed in the community that are considered by many to be secular (such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day) are viewed by others as having religious overtones," Principal Orlando Taylor wrote in a note to parents. "The district must always be mindful of the sensitivity of all the members of the community with regard to holidays and celebrations of a religious, cultural, or secular nature," Taylor added.

Some parents protested the ban, which they believed was brought on by political correctness. "Why deny our elementary school children the right of freedom of expression and celebration of American culture/traditions that most of us experienced in school?" one parent asked.

But now, it appears that the controversy will vanish mysteriously like a phantom late in the night. A clarification posted on the district's website explains that Inglewood School's original interpretation of the Supreme Court edict was incorrect after all.

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