Monday, October 28, 2013

Georgetown Univ. Law Students to Favor Abortion; Students at Cath. Univ. to Work with Abortion Org.

A class at Georgetown University's law school scheduled for next semester will have students working with a pro-abortion rights advocacy organization, taught by that organization's senior counsel, Kelli Garcia, the Spero Forum website reports today (October 28, 2013).

The law school class -- titled Regulatory Advocacy: Women and the Affordable Care Act -- will have students working with the National Women's Law Center (NWLC), "to develop projects that will assist in the organization's regulatory advocacy efforts."

Patrick Reilly -- president of The Cardinal Newman Society -- views this latest scandal as the unfortunate culmination of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Reilly stated, "We have long warned about Georgetown scandals that undermine the Church's strong defense of innocent life. But here students are being required to work for a pro-abortion lobby, making America's oldest Catholic university an active agent of the culture of death. If allowed to continue, this puts Georgetown in direct opposition to the Church."

Earlier this month, novelist William Peter Blatty -- a Georgetown alumnus -- collected more than 2,000 signatures on a petition to accompany a canonical lawsuit filed with the Vatican to protect the Catholic identity of Georgetown. If Georgetown does not quickly "shape up" -- by ending its implementation of actions that contradict the dogma and tradition of the Catholic Church -- the lawsuit calls on the Vatican to suspend or even end Georgetown's right to call itself Catholic and Jesuit.

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