Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Russian Train-Riders to Get Audio Info Programs; Topics Include Russian History and Orthodox Rel.

Passengers on Russian trains will soon be treated to special audio programs designed to broaden their knowledge of history, philosophy, and religion -- more specifically, the Russian Orthodox Church -- the Spero Forum website reports today (October 8, 2013).

Under the initiative -- headed by a senior figure at the Moscow Patriarchate -- a compilation of programs previously hosted by Radio Rossii journalist Lyudmila Borzyak will become available on more than 200 long-distance trains in the coming months.

Topics will include stories from the lives of famous Russian saints, including Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir; the early days of Orthodox Christianity in Russia; and the formation of the Russian nation.

"We believe this project will help foster a higher level of culture and instruction in society," said Yelena Miroshnikova, a spokeswoman for the state-owned Russian Railways. "It also aims to encourage personal values such as respect for our country's historical past, kindness, and spiritual growth," she added. However, in some Russian republics -- especially those whose primary religion is not Orthodox Christianity -- some people are skeptical about the project.

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