Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anti-Semitism Has Been Rising Fast in Hungary; Govt. Determined to Crack Down on Hate Crimes

Hungary has moved to to stamp out resurgent anti-Semitism that has pervaded the country in recent months, the Euro News website reports today (October 2, 2013).

In a recent hate incident, bars of soap were nailed to the fence of a synagogue -- a reference to the myth that Nazis made soap out of those murdered in concentration camps.

Hungary's Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navaracsics said the state is determined to crack down on hate: "We have learned from the past. We know what happened and we will not allow it to happen again. This democracy will defend itself against anyone who wants to incite hatred."

The far-right Jobbick Party has on a number of occasions attacked Jews and Israel in speeches in parliament where they hold 43 of the 386 seats. Hungary still has one of the largest and oldest Jewish communities in Europe, despite the fact that more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews were killed in the Holocaust during World War II.

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