Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saudi Women Fined $80 for Defying Driving Ban; Had to Sign Pledge to Respect Kingdom's Laws

Police and newspaper reports indicate that at least 16 Saudi women have received fines for taking the wheel on a day set by activists to defy the kingdom's traditional ban on female driving, the Newsmax World website reports today (October 27, 2013).

Only a few women braved official threats of punishment and drove yesterday in response to an online campaign headlined "Women's Driving Is a Choice."

"Police stopped six women driving in Riyadh, and fined them 300 riyals (about $80) each," said the capital's police deputy spokesman, Colonel Fawaz al-Miman. Each of the women, along with her male guardian -- who could be a father, husband, brother, uncle, or grandson -- had to "sign a pledge to respect the kingdom's laws," Mimam added.

In Jeddah, police also fined two women for driving, according to the Red Sea city's police spokesman, Nawaf al-Bouq. Saudi newspapers, in addition, reported that six women were stopped by police in Eastern Province, and at least two others were stopped in other parts of the kingdom.

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