Saturday, October 20, 2012

Woman,80, Nabbed for Taking Obama-Hitler Sign; Was Placed in Hebron,Conn. by Lyndon LaRouche

Nancy Lack, 80, is old enough to remember Adolf Hitler-- and his inhumane Nazi rule of Germany during World War II -- so when she saw a sign in a Hebron, Connecticut neighborhood that attempted to liken President Obama to the Nazi dictator, she took action, the Examiner website reports today (October 20, 2012).

Lack saw the sign portraying Obama -- with Hitler's trademark toothbrush mustache -- near a sidewalk display set up along Main Street by supporters of fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche in downtown Hebron.

She slammed on her brakes, jumped out of her car, and headed to the sign and snatched it. The sign showed the offending image with a call for Obama's impeachment "fast and furiously."

Lack put the sign in her car, but another woman saw her, copied her license plate number, and gave it to police. Lack was arrested and charged with larceny and breach of peace. She will appear in court next week, where she could be fined and sentenced to a three-month jail term if convicted.

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