Sunday, December 15, 2013

Police in Rome Nab 11 Anti-Austerity Protesters; Crowds Protest Spending Cuts, Unemployment

Italian police yesterday arrested 11 people in Rome, after demonstrators set ablaze garbage bins outside the Finance Ministry building as a protest against austerity, the Europe Sun website reports today (December 15, 2013).

As clashes with police became worse, demonstrators hurled eggs and fireworks at the building, which has been a prime location for angry anti-austerity demonstrators.

The so-called "pitchfork" protests -- which were originally organized by a group of Sicilian farmers -- began early last week, when crowds in Rome called for the government's resignation for its failure to contain rising unemployment.

It has been estimated that tens of thousands of anti-austerity protesters have been in Rome -- as well as several other Italian cities -- to protest against the harsh spending cuts the government has implemented to meet its deficit target. Austerity policies are unpopular in Italy where citizens are facing falling incomes, higher unemployment, tax hikes, and inflation.

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