Monday, December 30, 2013

Commis. Proposes Israeli Govt. Fund Abortions; Would Fund Women Aged 20-33, All Women Soon

An Israeli Health Ministry commission has proposed that the government fund all abortions for women aged 20-33, with the intention of eventually extending that to all women, the Newser website reports today (December 30, 2013).

Currently, the Israeli government only subsidizes abortions when it is medically necessary, or in women who are under 20 or over 40.

But the commission observed that this has left "a large group of women" who keep unwanted pregnancies for financial or secrecy reasons.

Abortion is technically illegal in Israel, but there are numerous exceptions -- including benefit to the mother's emotional or financial well-being. There is, however, no anti-abortion movement in Israel, and abortion has never been a major political issue there.

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