Saturday, December 7, 2013

Legal Scholar: Obama Slyly Adopts Unconst. Acts; Avoids Congress in Despotic "Imperial Presidency"

Only the courts can stop President Barack Obama from tweaking the Affordable Care Act without going through Congress, according to Jonathan Turley, a legal scholar and professor at George Washington University Law School, the Newsmax website reports today (December 7, 2013).

"This administration's been very successful in blocking challenges to actions that were viewed as unconstitutional. We have to get over what's called the standing barrier where courts just refuse to hear challenges," Turley said.

Republican lawmakers have complained that Obama's changes to the healthcare law -- including delays and tweaks of certain parts of it that are causing problems -- are unconstitutional because they must be passed through Congress.

"The Framers [of the U.S. Constitution] would have been appalled that you can have very clear violations of the Constitution, but literally no one can actually get a hearing to review them," Turley said. He added, "We have the emergence of what is often called an "Imperial Presidency" -- something that we have resisted for generations."

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