Sunday, December 8, 2013

Muslims to Christian Woman:"Deny Christ or Die;" She Agreed to Become a Muslim But Later Escaped

A Christian woman was recently held by Muslim terrorists in Nigeria and ordered to convert to Islam or die, the Christian News website reports today (December 8, 2013).

Hajja, 19, said she was held by the radical group Boko Haram and told to renounce Christianity or perish. Members of Boko Haram threatened to slit her throat if she did not give up her faith in Christ. Hajja's last name has not been released, as she has family in northern Nigeria.

"They told me I must become a Muslim, but I refused again and again," Hajja said. "They were about to slaughter me, and one of them begged me not to resist and just before I had my throat slit, I relented. They put a veil on me and made me read from the Koran."

Boko Haram made Hajja a domestic slave. She was forced to clean and prepare meals for the terrorist militia. Hajja later managed to escape from her captors.

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