Sunday, December 1, 2013

Croatians Vote Today to Ban Same-Sex Marriages; Rejection Is Seen as Key Victory for Cath. Church

A bulk of Croatians voted in a referendum today (December 1, 2013) to ban homosexual marriages in what is a key victory for the Catholic Church-backed conservatives in the European Union's newest member country, the Daily Newsen website reports.

The state -- citing initial final results -- said 65 percent of those who voted answered "of course" to the referendum question: "Do you agree that marriage is matrimony amongst a male and a female?"

The result means that Croatia's structure will be amended to ban same-sex marriage.

The same-sex marriage issue has deeply divided Croatia. Liberal groups have mentioned the referendum's concern infringes on simple legal rights. Almost 90 percent of Croatia's 4.4 million people are Roman Catholics.

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