Saturday, October 8, 2011

So. Baptist Pastor Jeffress: "Mormonism Is a Cult;" Says Romney a Good Person, Not a Real Christian

The Christian Post website reports today (October 8, 2011) that Robert Jeffress -- the evangelical pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas -- said Mitt Romney is a good person, but is not a Christian, and Mormonism is a cult, when he introduced Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit yesterday.

The Texas pastor said Mormonism is not in line with the historical tenets of Christianity and is considered a cult among mainstream Christians.

"Evangelical Christians should not vote for Mitt Romney because he's a Mormon; therefore, not a real Christian," Jeffress said.

He added that the Southern Baptist Convention -- which is the largest Protestant denomination in the world -- officially labels Mormonism as a cult.

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  1. Romney, and any Mormon offended by being referred to as cultists, need to be asked why they adhere to a religion whose prophet, Joseph Smith, referred to Christianity, in general, as being cultic.
    He actually, claimed that God Himself referred to Christianity as “all wrong,” an “abomination,” “all corrupt” and “far from me”—this is the very foundation of the Mormon religion.
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