Thursday, October 20, 2011

Report: Many US Hispanics Leave Cath. Church; Prefer Evangelical Church's Less Formal Venue

The Worldwide Religious News website reports today (October 20, 2011) that a National Public Radio (NPR) report shows U.S. Hispanics are leaving the Catholic Church in increasing numbers. The report also says most Hispanics leaving the Catholic Church for Evangelical churches are second and third generation Hispanics.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty of NPR said, "You can see evidence of that (conversion of U.S. Hispanics to Pentecostal Christianity) in the Assemblies of God -- once a historically white, suburban Pentecostal denomination. When you walk into the the denomination's largest church... the auditorium is jam-packed with hundreds of Latino worshipers singing in Spanish, swaying, and dancing.

NPR reports that a poll by Pew Research Center showed less than 60 percent of second-generation Hispanics are Catholic.

Pew research concluded from its survey that most Catholics leave the church because of a desire for a less formal and regimental form of worship.

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