Saturday, October 29, 2011

Board Asks Supreme Court to Use Jesus' Name; NC Court: "Jesus" Makes Some Feel Unwelcome

The World Net Daily website reports today (October 29, 2011) that a board of county commissioners in North Carolina is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court a lower court ruling that forbids volunteers from mentioning the name of Jesus in prayers offered before their meetings.

On the other hand, the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are standing by their victory in the U.S. circuit court decision that states even "a solitary reference to Jesus Christ" in invocations before the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners' meetings could do "violence to the pluralistic and inclusive values that are a defining feature of American public life."

Furthermore, wrote Judge James Harvie Wilkinson III, legislative invocations offered in Jesus' name are inherently "sectarian" and thus should be censored lest they make some attendees feel "uncomfortable, unwelcome, and unwilling to participate in...public affairs."

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