Saturday, October 15, 2011

COMMENTARY: "Queer Studies" Minor at Universities Is Irrelevant

California State University (CSU)-Fullerton this fall became the fourth California State University to offer a "Queer Studies" minor for its students.

In addition to being an odd minor to be offered by a university, the title of the minor -- with its use of the word "queer" -- leaves much to be desired. The dictionary defines "queer" as "Deviating from the expected or normal; strange." It also refers to "queer" as "slang -- a homosexual."

A more appropriate title for such a minor field of study could have been "Homosexual Studies." Apparently, the California State Universities that offer this minor are trying to elicit a shocking response of it by its crude title.

As for the minor itself, we believe that there is no real need for it, given the fact that a very small percentage of Americans consider themselves to be homosexuals.

In fact, offering just a course or two in homosexual studies each semester would make more sense than offering "Queer Studies" as a minor.

There are many relevant subjects that college students can minor in to enhance their major field of study and job prospects, as these students prepare themselves for the real world of work in our society.

A minor in "Queer Studies," however, will have little -- if any -- impact in assisting students to achieve this goal.

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