Wednesday, October 26, 2011

COMMENTARY: Madonna Needs to Help Her Homeless Brother

It was revealed last week that Madonna's brother, Anthony Ciccone, 55, is homeless and sleeps under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan. He has his meals at various churches in that city.

This sad news came to light after Ciccone told the Michigan Messenger newspaper in an interview, "My family has turned their back on me when I was having a hard time."

He also told the newspaper that his father had fired him -- although he didn't say why -- at the family winery in Suttons Bay, Michigan a year and a half ago. He added, "I don't have any income. I've got to collect bottles and cans, and do odd jobs."

Although more details on Ciccone's plight are not available -- the entire family has remained close-mouthed about this situation -- a probable reason for it may provide some perspective on its existence.

Ciccone has been in rehab several times during the past 20 years, allegedly for drug addiction. His father may have fired him from the family winery -- perhaps even disowned him -- because of his continuous addiction to drugs.

Madonna, 53, may have helped Anthony financially in the past, but she probably now feels she really can't help him, since he doesn't want to help himself to end his alleged drug addiction.

Nonetheless, Madonna -- who is reportedly worth $650 million -- should still try to help her homeless brother financially. One possibility for Madonna is to agree to pay his rent for a one-room apartment. A one-room apartment would discourage drug addicts from meeting there.

If this possibility were to occur, Madonna could pay the landlord directly, in order to ensure the rental money is not used for drugs. She would also pay for utilities directly.

Although she may feel that assisting her brother will not help him to reform, Madonna -- as his wealthy and loving sister -- needs to help her brother financially to end his homeless and life-threatening lifestyle.

Indeed, that is the Christian action that a Christ-loving Christian must take.

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