Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Law Lets British Monarch to Marry a Catholic; But Monarch Is Still Forbidden from Being Catholic

The centuries-old law barring the British monarch from marrying a Catholic has ended, but the rule forbidding a monarch from being a Catholic remains in effect, the Eurasia Review website reports today (October 29, 2011).

"Let me be clear, the monarch must be in communion with the Church of England because he or she is the head of that Church," said British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as he announced the change on October 28.

He added, "But it is simply wrong they should be denied the chance to marry a Catholic if they wish to do so. After all, they are already quite free to marry someone of any other faith."

The new rule was made at a summit of the 16 countries that still retain the British monarch as head of state. The gathering took place in the western Australian city of Perth.

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