Monday, June 28, 2010

Supreme Court: Christian Student Group Cannot Bar Gays; 1st Amendment Rights Not Violated

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, today (June 28, 2010) that a law school in California can deny recognition to a Christian student group that bars admission to homosexuals, according to the Christian Broadcast Network website.

In the case of the Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, Christian law students wanted the benefits of being recognized by the Hastings College of Law at University of California.

But they required members to sign a statement of faith -- one that bans practicing homosexuals and non-believers. The school demanded that student groups accept anyone who wanted to join them as a member.

The High Court's ruling today upholds a lower court ruling against the Christian Legal Society. The majority of justices wrote that the Christian group's First Amendment rights of association, free speech, and free exercise were not violated by the college's decision.

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