Friday, June 18, 2010

COMMENTARY: A Time to Pray and A Time to Play

A Church of Scotland congregation has screened its Sunday services live onto lPhones and iPads, so that people can see and hear the church services wherever they are.

While this "iGod" venture -- as it has often been called -- seems like a convenient means for people to receive the Word of God, the fact is that this technological service can indeed be a drawback to spiritual worship.

It may be a good idea for elderly people in nursing homes -- as well as for people who are too weak to attend church services -- to have access to this state-of-the-art technique. Otherwise, these people would probably miss the church services.

On the other hand, this new technique should not be used by people who can easily attend church services, but prefer to take part in a recreational activity, such as relaxing on a beach or enjoying a cruise. Taking part in this kind of activity -- and at the same time observing church services -- has a tendency to demean the importance of church services.

In other words, church services must be considered a solemn spiritual experience, in which we give our utmost attention and genuine love to God -- in His Home (that is, the church) -- and show our sincere appreciation for everything He has done for us. To endeavor to do this on a beach -- or in any recreational setting -- denies God of the sacred respect, devotion, and love that He deserves from us.

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  1. I agree that this could be beneficial for shut-ins and those who are too sick to go to church. For the general population though, it is just one more "short-cut" that will keep us farther from God...