Monday, June 14, 2010

New Trial Begins in Belgrade for 20 People Accused of Burning Down Bajraki Mosque

The Balkan Insight website reports today (June 14, 2010) that a new trial of a group accused of burning down the Bajraki Mosque in Belgrade six years ago has begun in the Serbian capital.

A group of 20 people are accused of participating in the riots in Belgrade in March 2004 when the Bajraki mosque was burned down.

The original trial began more than a year ago, but a retrial was ordered due to the appointment of a new presiding judge which came as a result of reform in Serbia.

Two mosques -- one in Belgrade and the other in Nis -- were attacked in the aftermath of the violence in Kosovo in March 2004. In Belgrade, a library that belonged to the mosque containing more than 7,000 books was burned down as well. One of the books was a 400-year-old Qur'an.

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