Friday, June 11, 2010

Exhibition on Poles under Nazi Occupation in WW II Opens in Krakow on Schindler Site

A new exhibition recounting the fate of Poles -- both Jews and non-Jews -- during World War II opened in southern Poland today (June 11, 2010) at the former factory used by Oskar Schindler.

"Huge numbers of visitors" came to see the exhibition -- "Krakow under Nazi Occupation 1939-1945" organized by the city's Historical Museum -- on its opening day, museum spokeswoman Anna Gabrys told the Associated Press.

It opened at the building on Lipowa Street in Krakow in which Schindler ran his factory during World War II. He added production of munition for the German army, which gave the facility special protected status.

Photographs, films, witness testimony, and multimedia presentations are displayed through 45 rooms to portray the ordeal of the city residents under Nazi occupation.

Most of Poland's 3.5 million Jews died in the Holocaust under German occupation.

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