Monday, June 14, 2010

Christian Leaders and Pro-Life Lobby Praise Ad of a Scan of Jesus with Halo in the Womb

The Continental News website reports today (June 14, 2010) that a United Kingdom billboard campaign Church -- showing Jesus in the womb -- has drawn fire from secularists and praise from Christian leaders and the pro-life lobby in Great Britain.

According to Karen McVeigh, writing in the Guardian newspaper in London, "The campaign, which aims to reach 40 million people, shows a scan of a fetus with a halo above its head. It will feature on billboards over Christmas and reads, 'He's on the way: Christmas starts with Christ.'"

Drawn up by the charity,, the "Ultrasound Jesus" campaign is backed by a number of Christian organizations, including the Church of England, the Baptist Union, the United Reformed Church, the Anglican Church, and the Methodist Church.

The National Secular Society (NSS) has criticized the ad, saying it gives the impression that it is politically motivated.

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