Saturday, February 22, 2020

Most Evangelical Christians Live Outside America; New Study Finds Most Evangelicals Living in Asia

A new study has found that evangelical Christians make up a huge swath of the world's population, but most of them reside in Asia, Africa, and Latin America -- not in North America -- the Christian Post website reports today (February 22, 2020).

French researcher, Sebastian Fath, estimates that there are about 660 million evangelicals in the world, representing a little over a quarter of all 2.5 billion Christians.

The largest share of evangelicals live in Asia, with about 215 million adherents. China has 66 million, India has 28 million, Indonesia has 16 million, the Philippines has 13 million, and South Korea has 9 million.

Africa has the second-highest number of evangelical Christians with 185 million. Nigeria has 58 million, Kenya has 20 million, Ethiopia has 18 million, and both DRC Congo and South Africa have 15 million.

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