Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Greek Orth. Church Synod: "Abortion Is Murder;" Fetus Is a Human Being from Time of Conception

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in Greece decided today (February 4, 2020) to take a clear position on abortion -- an issue that has triggered uproar among the Greek society in recent weeks -- by agreeing that "abortion is murder," according to the Keep Talking Greece website.

"The Holy Synod took into consideration the issues that have recently arisen on the subject of abortion," a statement said.

"Based on the Holy Bible and the Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Church of Christ, the Holy Synod expresses its theological position on the fetus as a complete and integral human being from the moment of the conception and therefore it considers voluntary abortion as a murder and does not accept it," the statement stressed.

It added, "It should be recalled that abortion is legal in Greece since 1986. And there come these unworldly men living in strict celibacy who rule that what is legal in the state laws is illegal in religious terms."

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