Sunday, April 3, 2016

Obama Aides Omit "Islamist Terrorism" on Video; Claim Phrase Excluded Due to a "Technical Glitch"

It appeared that the White House on April 1 censored a video of the French president to omit him saying the words "Islamist terrorism" during a speech at a bilateral meeting, but U.S. officials claim a "technical glitch" caused the ill-timed dropped audio, the Washington Times website reports today (April 3, 2016).

The Media Research Center -- a media watchdog -- reported that the White House had removed a video of French President Francois Hollande speaking at a press event on terrorism with President Obama.

A White House official said the audio gap was the result of a "technical error."

After much criticism, the White House later posted the original footage of Hollande's statement, including the words "Islamist terrorism."

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